You will find more than 250 references and so many more to come.

Exceptional wines and wines of the producer proposed by our sommelier as well as a selection of wines by the glass which also changes with the seasons following the Chef’s cuisine!

We think of all of you in offering an iced tea with citrus or with seasonal fruit to accompany your meal!

The wines from our cellar as our cuisine and our service: a same work philosophy

In our wine cellar, we favour the bottles produced by a strong and full of history family tradition where generation after generation people put all their know-how to develop their wine heritage, to make it grow, to keep it under control in a permanent search of harmony between the elements. This is also the philosophy of work that we have been applying for nearly twenty years in all our restaurants.

L’Atelier Alexandre Bousquet: a collaboration with eco-responsible winemakers

Whatever your choice,be it aperitif wine, white wine, red wine, rosé wine or champagne, the wine cellar visible from your table has bottles that show our collaboration with Georges Albert Aoust and Hélène Yuan Yuan from Maison Aoust in Beaune, with Alexandre and Clotilde Carrière of Bacchus Événement in Arcangues and with many others. In any case, our cellar wine list, elaborated for twelve years, counts only winemakers who love their terroir and their vines.Moreover, it is with a real pleasure that we regularly visit them in their lands. How not to be delighted to discover at each of our visits the richness of their universe, to understand the impact of climate hazard on the earth and to see that they adopt in every situation a reasoned and eco-responsible approach?