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Our team: a combination of talents for a high-quality cuisine and exemplary services


When gastronomic cooking is part of a family heritage…

Isabelle Caulier and Alexandre Bousquet had the idea to launch together a fine dining restaurant because of their history. Your hosts’ know-how that allow them to provide you a refined and high-quality cuisine, is the natural result of their culinary journey made of numerous twists and turns:

  • In the late 1990s: Great-granddaughter of a great-grandmother cook, Isabelle, very closed to her grandparents, returned to her birthplace in the Aveyron in 1999 following the death of her grandfather and after a discovery trip started at the age of majority throughout London and Paris. There, in the former small village of Saint-Geniez-d’Olt, located at the foot of the Aubrac mountains, she soon met at the family inn a being as passionate as she was and who will become the partner of her life as well as of her culinary delights.
  • From 2000: Nobody knows why Alexandre decided to accept a job position at the inn run by Isabelle’s family while he had cooked in major houses of French gastronomy as Conte, Boyer and Guérard. In 2000, Alexandre became head chef and thanks to him, to Isabelle and their whole team, the family-run restaurant is relaunched. But the story of this improbable meeting does not end there.
  • At the end of 2007: Opening of l’Atelier restaurant in Biarritz. A delicious mixture made of desire for emancipation, adventure and discovery led Isabelle and Alexandre to Biarritz, a real small paradise on earth, in order to create for the first time their own universe: L’Atelier, located in St Charles district, was born. The opening of this great place of French gastronomy in Biarritz, at the end of 2007, coincided with the birth of their little girl Capucine. Thanks to their charism and their professionalism, their team from the Aveyron did not hesitate to follow them and the talent of each of them was soon rewarded: 3 Toques in the Gault & Millau Guide and one star in the Michelin Guide!

  • 2015: Opening of l’Atelier restaurant in Arcangues. After another eight years, motivated by a new innovative project, Isabelle and Alexandre decided to open a new innovative project, Isabelle and Alexandre another enriching experience but their ambition, their taste for risk and challenge, their desire for change and this little touch of madness that they much appreciate, made them to give up everything to start a new life.
  • June 2019: Opening of l’atelier Alexandre Bousquet restaurant in Biarritz, an even crazier project for Isabelle Caulier and Alexandre Bousquet, the most complete and the closest to their real aspirations.

Damien DelarueLike the creators of l’atelier Alexandre Bousquet restaurant, Damien Delarue is a young passionate wine waiter. Born in Bordeaux, Damien got, after a bachelor’s degree, a BTS Hotel and Catering with mention Sommellerie at the Hotel School in Talence.

Then he threw himself into the adventure initiated in 2015 in the Basque Country by Alexandre Bousquet and Isabelle Caulier, with the whole team of l’Atelier.

As a confirmed globetrotter, Damien is a demanding sommelier who, thanks to his experience and his taste for travelling and discovery, flourishes continuously in creation and makes the wine list of our restaurant evolve harmoniously.

Laetitia Desgroux

I was born in the Parisian region and I moved into the Basque Country eight years ago now.

My first job in this area was as an executive secretary for two years.
Further to this work experience that provided me a commercial and relational approach, I decided to change my job direction and to start working in gastronomic catering.

This way, I started with seasonal jobs and then I became a floor manager in a semi-gourmet restaurant.
As I have no diploma in that field, working in such an exciting and motivating environment is a real challenge for me.

William Granié was born in the Lot department and was trained at the hotel school located in Souillac.

Then he pursued his education with a BTS Hotel / Catering degree in Biarritz and several work experiences in brasseries and fine dining restaurants.

Curious, passionate and motivated, he is really happy to be part of this beautiful restaurant.

Auriane Toquet

The link that connects Auriane Toquet, Station chef, to cooking goes way back and even if her agricultural engineering studies took her attention away from her initial passion for gastronomy, she did not hesitate to give up all by getting a BTS Hotel and Catering at the Hotel School in Toulouse with in addition, a training course with Michel Guérard !

Then, she headed towards the Basque Country to discover this remarkable territory but also to integrate the Chef Alexandre Bousquet’s kitchen as a kitchen help.

Following this two-year rich experience, Aurelie Toquet did not hesitate at all to accept a new job position as Station chef to join the team of l’atelier Alexandre Bousquet, this new adventure that, as she says, is a real pleasure !

Adèle Amestoy

Born in the Basque Country, Adèle Amestoy, Station chef, enjoys working for Alexandre Bousquet and Isabelle Caulier, employers she appreciates a lot as well as the Chef’s cuisine and her colleagues, since she joined the team at l’Atelier restaurant in Arcangues.

Her cooking studies, she started them by a Bac Pro, obtained at Lycée de Navarre in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and followed them by getting a BTS at Hotel School of Biarritz, performed alternately.

As to her professional experience, she worked first in the Gers for La Table des Cordeliers with Chef Eric Sampietro. Was she interested in following the adventure at l’atelier Alexandre Bousquet in Biarritz? Of course, she was and in addition, her wishes are full of meaning: ″I wish us a long way and a lot of success.

Continuer l’aventure au sein de notre restaurant l’Atelier Alexandre Bousquet à Biarritz ? Elle a dit oui, bien évidemment, et en plus, elle a émis un vœu riche de sens : ²Je nous souhaite une longue route, et beaucoup de réussite.

Valentin Vidotto

Native of Toulouse, Valentin Vidotto, Station chef, was already there at the opening of the previous atelier managed by Alexandre Bousquet and Isabelle Caulier, after a stay in Asia, a mainland which inspired him and made him know a new way of cooking.

It is thus quite naturally that Valentin follows the adventure in l’atelier Alexandre Bousquet, where he still wishes to contribute to amaze and enchant the customers and to make them discover or rediscover a cuisine that intrigues them so much !

With our chef, he completed a BTS in Biarritz, through a sandwich training course, after a technical bachelor’s degree in hotel management.

Then he immediately began his professional career in the two-starred Jean-Luc Rabanel’s restaurant in Arles and then in Courchevel mountains, in Kilimandjaro restaurant under the direction of Chef Nicolas Sale, two-starred awarded in the Michelin Guide.

Myriam Duran

I am motivated, very often on schedule for going to work but rarely for leaving.

However, I have most of the time my head in the clouds but people can trust me for important things.

For me this new challenge will allow me to go beyond the limits I have been able to reach so far because despite my fifteen years of experience as a catering dishwasher, I think that I did not manage to go beyond them (and yet I have seen just about everything).

My name is Myriam Duran and I hope to be able to keep on learning and making progress with you.

We have the pleasure to welcome for three months two trainees born in Malaysia in order to let them discover the cuisine of our chef through our products and culinary techniques, a real pleasure of sharing and exchange around gastronomy. Many thanks to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus and to Mr Masedenal Ali, Senior Career Counsellor, Career Services, Student Administration – RSAS.


We have the pleasure to welcome for three months two trainees born in Malaysia in order to let them discover the cuisine of our chef through our products and culinary techniques, a real pleasure of sharing and exchange around gastronomy. Many thanks to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus and to Mr Masedenal Ali, Senior Career Counsellor, Career Services, Student Administration – RSAS.

Alexandre & Isabelle


27 years old, Wine waiter


29 years old, Head waiter

William granié

20 years old, Head waiter


24 years old, Station chef


23 years old, Station chef


26 years old, Station chef




40 years old, Plunger